School Organizations

St. James Home and School Association: The Home & School Association provides support to students and staff through its fundraising activities. It is also is a catalyst for the strong community feeling we have within the St. James School. Join us, as we are also looking for new ideas and your support to continue to improve the many offerings made available to students, their families and staff members.

St. James School Athletic Association:  This is a very active organization whose responsibilities include coordinating the St. James School sports teams that participate in the MAISL Sports League.  This includes recruiting coaches for all the sports each season, running the games and tournaments that are scheduled at our school's gym, fund raising through selling parking in the parish/school parking lot during UW Home Football games and organizing the Athletic Awards Dinner each May to recognize the good work of the school's athletes.  The St. James Advisory Board is tasked with one major objective: to maintain and advance the school’s mission and vision as a successful, sustainable not-for-profit business. To achieve this goal, the Board of Directors will be asked to focus on school fundraising and development initiatives, on elevating the school’s mission and profile, and on improving enrollment and retention. By developing strategic, long-term solutions, we know the Board of Directors will help us to rise and meet the challenges facing St. James Catholic School.

St. James School Advisory Board:  The present members of the Advisory Board Bonnie Moschkau, Chair; Rosa Lagunes, Vice-Chair, Dale Otradovec, Secretary, Martha Harrison, Ileana Rodriguez, Michael Schultz; Mary Witte, Jane Grinde, Jon Grinde, Mark Ringsmuth and non-voting members, Fr. David Carrano; Randall Enders, Principal; Staff:  Marie Ethen, Development Director.