Liturgical Ministries

Ways to Serve Your Parish as Liturgical Ministers

Altar Servers
Open to boys and girls, beginning in Grade 4.

Introduce the liturgy and read the general intercessions at weekend Masses.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Distribute the Eucharist at weekend Masses.

Lectors and Commentators 
Proclaim the Word of God at daily or weekend Masses.

Welcome parishioners as they enter for Mass, help with the collections and assist those in need during the Mass.

Liturgy Commission
Support the liturgical life of the parish and assist with seasonal decorating of the sanctuary.


Servers Schedule for September-November


Liturgical Ministers Schedule for 7:30-October, 2023

Liturgical Ministers Schedule for 10:30-October, 2023


Liturgical Ministers Schedule for 7:30-November, 2023

Liturgical Ministers Schedule for 10:30-November, 2023