Summer Festival

u9bj8sf09dgdg3v9whytowfrbel.jpgThe Summer Festival – What a Party!
The Good Shepherd Summer Festival was held on August 12th.   I was fortunate to be one of many from the Parish to help over the weekend. It was a gratifying experience. Many more worked for months planning and organizing. Food this year included Latino snacks, such as fresh fruit cups which provided nutrition and lots of hydration, popcorn and chicharróns which where delicious. I didn’t try the ice cream and cotton candy. Three food vendors fed us, with tacos by Don Carlos Carnitas (a constant line of customers spoke well for their popularity), Puerto Rican pâtés from Sazón (I can attest they were tasty) and a choice of Chinese entrees from Nani’s (which many told me were great).

For the hundreds of kids, there was the huge Jumpy House, which was in constant use until the party was over. The children sure enjoyed the games, from golf to basketball. The petting zoo was a real hit, with llamas, ponies, cows, rabbits, geese, lambs, and many other animals. Going on into the evening, the face painting artists graced many happy faces with beautiful and colorful artwork for the young, and the young at heart (like Lisa Harrington, our new business manager for one).

There was Karaoke providing an opportunity for many to display their talents, and to provide DJ music. Mid afternoon the children were entertained with visits from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Snow White and a large Minion. With the large amount of outdoor space, there was even an impromptu soccer game going on.

Having a huge amount of outdoor space supported a 4000 foot tent with two live band stages. Music was constant starting with our fellow parishioner, Tom Fields, with his professional persona, Jesse Walker and went well into the evening with lots of dancing, at least half an hour past closing time. Who wants to stop a party?

At 7:00 p.m. I counted an impressive 600-700 folks in attendance, and people kept coming, making parking challenging, but it all worked out. Local businesses made their lots available, thanks to the Gialamas Company. Also thanks to the many vendors that rented space for their support, including UNIDOS helping survivors of domestic violence, Zurvita superfood drinks, Royal Prestige pots and pans for home cooking, Catholic Financial Life, and Mary Kay Cosmetics.  

These are only a few of the highlights. It takes a lot of teamwork to make this all happen. This is not always easy with a volunteer organization. But it was impressive to see how it all came together. The Good Shepherd Latino community is full of individuals who care. Even after it was over clean up was quick and done well. Getting involved is a wonderful way to increase Christian community, to help support the Parish.
Bill Morehead, Parish Trustee

         See our Parish website at for additional photos of the Summer Festival.   The Summer Festival financial statement will be published in a later bulletin when it is complete.