5:15 Saturday Mass is celebrated at our St. James Church--December through May.

Welcome to Good Shepherd Catholic Parish in Madison, Wisconsin.  We hope you will come and experience the joy of the Risen Christ with us. You can learn much about us through this site and we encourage you to view it often, as it updates frequently to reflect our many opportunities for faith filled sacraments, service, education and fellowship.

Good Shepherd Catholic Parish comprises over 800 family units with two church sites and a school.  In 2012, Saint Joseph Parish and Saint James Parish were merged to become Good Shepherd Parish. Saint Joseph Parish first began in 1916 on Park Street near Regent in the old Greenbush neighborhood - a neighborhood with a strong Italian Catholic heritage.  Saint James Parish began in 1904 at its current site in order to accommodate the growing German Catholic population of Madison.  Today, in addition to those two former congregations, Good Shepherd also has a large Spanish-speaking community which meets at the Saint Joseph site.
Our Saint James School is the oldest private or parochial school in Madison and was established in 1905.  We are blessed to have a three- and four-year-old program as well as kindergarten through eighth grade.
Come!  Join us at one of our liturgies and special events.

Mass Times

Saturday at 5:15 pm
June-November - St. Joseph
December-May - St. James

8:30 am - St. James
10:45 am - St. Joseph
7:00 pm - St. Joseph (Misa en Espanol)

Tuesday: 8:00 am - St. Joseph
Wednesday: 8:30 am - St. James
Thursday: 8:00 am - St. Joseph
Friday: 8:30 am - St. James

Holy Days of Obligation:
Vigil: 5:15 pm - St. Joseph
Holyday: 8:30 am - St. James, and
5:15 pm - St. James

Saturdays at 9:15 am
St. Joseph: odd months
(Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)
St. James: even months
(Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)

St. James Catholic Church 1128 St. James Ct

St. Joseph Catholic Church


  • Sun, Jun 16th
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Office Hours

Rectory Office
1128 St. James Ct.
8:30 - 4:00, Mon-Fri
FAX 608-268-9929

St. Joseph Site
1905 W. Beltline Highway
ENGLISH (Sr. Zita):
8:30 - 4:00 pm, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
ESPAÑOL (Denice Jimenez):
8:30 - 2:30, Mon
8:30 - 4:30, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
FAX 608-268-9929

Current Events and Activities

 Important Reminder About 5:15 Mass

Our 5:15 pm Mass on Saturday will be held at our St. Joseph Site the months of June through November. So beginning June 1st, please join us at our St. Joseph Site. The months of December through May we will be at our St. James Site. 


A powerful Mission, “Called to Grace”,
is coming to our Parish June 16 – 19.
The Liturgy Commission, made up of fellow parishioners who are interested in the scared life of the parish, is excited to announce that Good Shepherd Parish will be having its first parish mission in over a decade! The mission, Called to Grace, will be an opportunity for us to spend time in sacramental prayer, song and ritual to renew our faith and invigorate our parish. Father Matthew Bonk, of the Redemptorist Mission Team of Minneapolis will give the mission.

This will be a “Big” mission, with services on evenings, alternating between the St. James and St. Joseph sites. All will be lovely, prayerful and provocative, as we explore the great gifts given us by Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the Sacraments. Each of the four services, Sunday, June 16th through Wednesday, June 19th, at 6:00 pm, given only in English, will be unique. We will have a chance to recommit ourselves and our parish to Jesus, with the strength and grace imparted on us through the Sacraments. Please put these dates on your calendar now.
Sunday – Baptism and Confirmation,
Monday Matrimony, Holy Orders and vocations,
Tuesday, Reconciliation and Blessing of the Sick,
Wednesday the Eucharist.
Transportation and Childcare will be provided. Come to one or all of the nights, but do come!! After each services, refreshments will be served. For more information, or to volunteer with the arrangements or for liturgical roles, contact Peg Adamowicz at 608-286-8871 or email.
Click here for Peg Adamowicz's email  


Our Dear Sr. Kathleen. 
We mourn the loss of our dear Sr. Kathleen Loughrin-teacher, principal and heart of St. James School. 
On Wednesday, May 15, at 8:30 a.m., St. James School will host an all-school Memorial Mass in honor of Sr. Kathleen Loughrin. Following the mass there will be an Ice Cream Sandwich (one of her favorites) reception. All family, friends, alumni, and parishioners are invited to share in this mass and come to the celebration to share stories and fellowship, in memory of amazing impact Sr. Kathleen had on our community.

Click to view Sr. Kathleen’s Obituary.

 Sr. Kathleen’s Wake (Remembrance Service) was on Sunday evening, May 5, at the Sinsinawa Mound. Her funeral Mass was celebrated on Monday, May 6, at Sinsinawa. Both events are available for streaming.

Click Here for Streaming of Sr. Kathleen's Remembrance and her Funeral Mass.

Then click the “On Demand” tab to view Sr. Kathleen’s Remembrance and/or Funeral. 

 Thank you to all who participated in our recent parish council elections. Elected to the council for a 3 year term are Chris Eshun and Koso Weller. As our constitution calls for, the pastor is to appoint one member to the council each year. Msgr. Tom has appointed Dana Maas to the council for a 3 year term.

  As their terms are ending, we wish to thank Leon DaCosta, Dee Nicolai and Nick Derr for their dedication and service to our parish.

Check our our New Hidden Treasures online sales:  https://www.ebay.com/str/gshiddentreasures


 SCRIP Program Update
They are a big help to our parish.

Click Here For a Listing of the Scrip Inventory Available for Immediate Purchase
Click Here to See A Summary of the Success of our Scrip Program for the last Fiscal Year.





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Bishop Donald J Hying

Named 5th Bishop of Madison

To Be Installed

June 25, 2019





Kremer Foundation

In August, 2018, St. James School applied for the Grant Proposal from the Kremer Foundation of Naples, FL. This foundation helps support Catholic schools by giving $10,000 annually to the schools that they select for their program.

Their goal is to fund at least one school in every diocese in the nation. They presently found 475 schools throughout the nation.

In March of this year, we were told that St. James School will be one of the schools they will support. They ask that the money be used to help give partial scholarship to at least 4 students.

Our Principal, Randall Enders; our Business Manager, Lisa Harrington; and our Finance Committee Chair, Michael Schultz have selected 4 students to receive the Kremer Foundation monies. Each student will receive $ 2,500 to support his or her tuition costs of $3,900.

This $10,000 will be available to our school annually to support students attending our school.

We are very grateful to the Kremer Foundation for this generous support of our school.

For more information about the Kremer Foundation, you can look online at


We give thanks to our God for all theRCIA members.  (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

Our Happiest Congratulations to Steven Fong, James Gray and Patricia Rios

We celebrate with great joy as these young people of our parish were received into full membership of the Catholic Church.

James Gray was welcomed into the church and received the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation.
Patricia Rios  received the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation.
Steven Fong received the sacraments of Baptism, First Eucharist and Confirmation.

St. James School Student Council

 St. James School, Student Council consists of students from grades 4-8. The Council is a service-based organization trying to work at helping fulfill the needs of people in the school, parish, community, and areas in the world. Students work at getting their fellow classmates involved in helping others and hopefully learn how to reach out to those in need. This year students will be working at several different projects during the Lenten season. Here is a list of activities and dates of these events:
 Baby Shower - March 11-15 Collect baby items especially diapers donated to the           Elizabeth House. Drop off at school.
Donkey Project for Ghana – Cultural Arts Day March 14th and during the weekend of March 16-17. Students raise money to buy donkeys and carts for farmers in Ghana. One donkey and cart for a family can help their economy and feed the family.
Beads for Life - Student Council members will sell bead bracelets made by Ugandan women at our Fish Dinners during Lent.  Bead Bracelets are purchased through “Beads for Life” organization. The profits from them go back to women in Uganda to help them establish store and businesses for themselves and enable them to support their families.

A Large Pallet of Shoes Was Sent on April 12

Soles for Souls – This project is a continuation from last year. “Soles for Souls” is a project in which we collect shoes of any kind, shape or size, boots included, and send them to a distribution center. This center sends the needed footwear to developing countries. Shoes are distributed in a variety of ways.  This is a great time to clean out your closet of shoes you don’t want, don’t need, don’t wear and bring them to the box for shoes in St. James School front hallway and St. Joseph’s hallway by Panera Bread table.  Student Council has made sure they are delivered to “Soles for Souls” center. 

Hearing Loop System

The Good Shepherd Parish Council is looking into the possibility of adding a Hearing Loop system in our St. Joseph and/or St. James sites to help people with hearing loss to better hear the Gospel Readings and Homily during mass (see details in the bulletin insert).  This system will work for people with fairly new hearing aids that have T-coil feature or we will make available portable receivers with T-coils for other individuals who have trouble hearing but do not have hearing aids or cochlear implants.  We have tested a similar system in use at Queen of Peace Parish and we    determined that the system significantly helps people with hearing loss.
We need to establish that there is an interest in investing in a Hearing Loop system for our Parish so we are asking you to contact the rectory at 268-9930 or email at goodshepherdmadison@straphael.org and voice your opinion.  If we can justify a need for the system, there may be grant monies available from the Apostolate for Persons with Disabilities to help us offset the cost so please let us hear from you so more parishioners can better hear our beautiful readings and homilies.

Fall Festival Results









Kids Games


Hidden Treasure-2 days




Mound Bread






Raffle Baskets, Dresses/Shoes


Silent Auction


Snack Bar


Handmade Cards










Net Profit



Good Shepherd Hidden Treasures Report for June 5, 2018 thru December 31, 2018

 We have concluded an excellent year.  We thank you for your generosity in giving us many valuable items for resale.  It’s wonderful for our church, school and community to have so many items reused and recycled as well as the income it brings our general fund.
We earned the following:

Sales-Constant Contact to  
Parishioners, Alum. & Parents $1,025.73
Sales at Summer Festival $514.00
Sales at Fall Festival $7,573.66
Sales to Sources (jewelry  
to dealers, sales on FB Marketplace) $1,409.59
Sales on eBay (net after fees) $2,752.69
In-Kind Giving (to school) $2,449.50
Total $15,725.

We give credit to our very hard-working crew, Ann Dubeau, Annie Delmore, Barb Domke, Jacky and Kevin Byrnes, Kristine Schultz, Mary Witte, Peg Adamowicz and many  others who stop by to help in our workroom and who help at our sales for this success.  
We will keep our eBay Store open year-round.  Please go visit every now and them as this month we will be adding things.  https://www.ebay.com/str/gshiddentreasures
We look forward to getting more of your unwanted items in the Spring.
With much appreciation submitted by Paul and Carol Scott